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Nov 07 2011

Yesterday Almost Ended Very Different

Yesterday almost took an extremely unexpected turn. I was about half a heart beat and tear away from calling my MTLD and calling it quits. This is going to be the post that, if and when, I make it out in 2 years after this commitment I know for a fact that I will be…

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Oct 29 2011

Would Like the Truth From Past TFAers

There is something that has been on my mind for a solid month that I have almost felt too nervous or prideful to ask because of the answers that may be given. But I’m at the point where I need to know because it’s driving me to the point of insanity. Over and over you…

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Why? I was super excited to start a lesson on fact vs. opinion and have my kids start writing their opinion papers. But the talking never stopped. Never. My kids aren’t even out of control..sometimes their voices aren’t even that loud…but there is ALWAYS CONSTANT CHATTER. Little chatters. And they don’t know how to chat…

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Oct 02 2011

Survival of the Fittest

People have told me this is the theme of the first year. I think I officially believe it. A few posts back I said that so much of this job for me is just showing up everyday. I still firmly believe in this. On my toughest days, my motivation is knowing that they will see…

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Another week, down. Another week of planning, down. Another week of high expectations, down. Another week of being a teacher at Troost Elementary is down. However, today something happened that I am almost 100% is the reason why Jesus almost a year ago told me I had to apply to TFA. Now there has been…

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This was the last thing I remember on Friday when J and A asked me. And it wasn’t in a mean or derogatory way. They legitimately wanted to know if I was ever going to miss a day of school. It took me a minute to stop and think. And then I asked them, “Girls,…

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Sep 06 2011

This Is Actually Real Life

I have not updated my blog since I was working at Gabriella Charter School in Los Angeles. As of now, I am teaching 6th grade at Troost Elementary. I could update you on every thing that has happened going into week 4. But honestly, it would take way too long. There are really just a…

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Jul 24 2011

Why I’m Obsessed With These Kids

All of my past posts have been focused on me and my transition into this new chapter of my life. I haven’t had a chance to to tell any of the stories about the kids yet and how they are impacting me. So I decided to devote this blog entry about them. I’m obsessed with…

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Jul 09 2011

Learning New Limits

Well, week one of teaching is officially over. And the best way I can describe it is that I (and I’m sure many other Corps members would say) have discovered new limits. I would say this is true in terms of physically, mentally, and emotionally. But mostly physically. Let’s walk through the week a little…

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Jul 02 2011


Objective: By the end of this blog Blog Readers Will Be Able To…. 1.) Comprehend and explain to others what my first week of Institute was like 2.) Identify what grade, school, and lesson I am teaching next week 3.) Believe that I have become a coffee drinker. Just kidding…not about becoming a coffee drinker,…

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So Induction officially ended yesterday for our Kansas City Region. Let me tell you. It is an absolutely amazing group. Not just the Corps Members, but all of the top dogs who are making TFA happen in Kansas City. I truly feel honored to be a part of TFA Kansas City. The days were long.…

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Jun 17 2011

A Distracted Night of Studying

So here it is..my very first blog since the world of Xanga left us all sadly behind many years ago. Through much persuasion I decided this would be the best way to keep in touch with family (who have not yet uncovered the secret of Facebook) and friends about all the new adventures I am…

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