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Aug 07 2012

Philosophy of Education

The very first thing our principal had us do in our school Professional Development was write out our vision/mission a.k.a. “Philosophy of Education” as an urban educator.┬áSo here’s how I feel about that…

I love writing. On some days, I’d maybe even go as far as saying I’m decent at it. But I reaaaally don’t like when I’m being forced to during a certain time frame or on the spot. And honestly, after having to write similar things for TFA and grad school I’m just kinda over writing what I hope to achieve with my students. When I write, it comes at random moments, random times, when it’s for whatever reason connected to my random thoughts. So during that 10 minute period, while everyone else frantically started writing, I just wrote a list of adjectives that stuck out to me.

Yesterday I found out I am going to have 34 students (a high number that was probable). Today, it was topped off with a possible 38 now. Needless to say, my heart and mind got and has been real calm and quiet for a good 24 hours (and continuing). Whenever big things in my life happen, I like to plan on all possible solutions. Or think of the best way to solve problems. Or immediately start finding the good and purpose in that situation.

But when it is stuff like this, I realize there is no solution. There’s no right way. There are no words. No best practice. No advice that is going to change the fact that I, one little white girl, am going to be in charge of educating 38 urban kids. The only thing from the paragraph that holds true to how I can respond to this situation is “finding the purpose.”

I was sitting in my meetings this morning. And while I probably should have been listening more intently, my mind started rolling. My purpose and “philosophy of education” came to mind. Like I said, usually I’m not a fan of this. But today, this might just be what’s in store to be on the path to getting my mind straight. And I hope this is another thought of truth I can hold on to.

“As an urban educator, I seek to empower students with the ability to challenge themselves academically and socially so that they may reach their highest potential as a student and as a person. Through high expectations, character development, and hard work ethic, students will transition into the mindset and confidence needed to make big goals, chase them, and succeed at them. Each student will believe, without question, that they have a purpose and capability to be the change they wish to see in the world.”

6 days away…


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  1. Kelley H.

    What a great philosophy of education, very empowering!

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