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May 24 2012

The Beauty of the End is that it is Not Over.

I have officially finished my first year of teaching in urban education. Am I tired? Absolutely. Am I glad that I am going to be getting a little bit of time to myself? Absolutely.

But the absolute, most beautiful part of the year being over is watching how my relationship with my students HASN’T ended.

Since school ended, on Tuesday of this past week, I have spoken with 7 of my students, seen 4, and taken 2 out to lunch. The coolest part is some have texted me, some have called, and some have emailed me. They are taking advantage of every way possible I gave them.

This has truthfully been the best part of being a teacher. Investing in their lives and having it be able to continue once I’m done being their teacher. I believe they need this more than I could have ever taught them this year. I hope next year the only thing that changes is my data going up a little bit.


To all the first year corps members, YOU MADE IT!

To all the second year corps members, CONGRATS YOU REALLLLLY MADE IT! Best of luck on your future endeavors (whatever they may be)

To all the incoming corps members, enjoy every last second with friends and family, sleep, and get yourself mentally ready. Things are going to start moving really quickly.

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