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Apr 22 2012

Ignorance and College

Funny because these two words seem to clash.

State testing is over with as of last Thursday. As I walked around to monitor I felt both joy and disappointment. Not so much in my kids as myself. I was able to watch them work through and solve problems that we have spent countless hours on. But at the same time I was disappointed still thinking I didn’t prepare them as well as I should have.

We now have 4 and 1/2 weeks of school left. On May 3rd we have a college visit to the University of Kansas that I am stoked about.

However, my kids are getting reallllllll ignorant. Parts of last week felt like August all over again. I broke up four fights, FOUR, last week. My principal and At-Risk Coordinator said this has been a recurring problem the past 3 years with the 6th graders. Testing ends, they get sick of each other, they think they are already out of elementary school and they go back to this crap. Simply put, they’re getting ignorant.

We have had to have numerous “come to Jesus” moments recently. I had to remind them on Friday that THEY get the choice of whether they spend the next 4 and 1/2 weeks focusing and preparing for next year or checking out completely.

I also let them know that all of them that “didn’t care” would have to find another place for the next 4 and 1/2 weeks because I will be going hard with those who do care.

I hope my kids will still grasp on to their character as the year ends. I hope they won’t forget everything that we’ve talked about. And I hope our college visit will be a HUGE eye-opener to some of them.

Still love them.

Little concerned for how to feel about how they’re going to end this year.

Hooray for celebrations.

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