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Mar 03 2012

The Safest Place

Yesterday was the first time since my commitment that I realized, for some of my kids, school truly is the safest place to be for them.

I always heard it from a lot of people and I think I just chose to agree with the statement, then move on with my life.

I also learned for the first time how serious these kids take trust. As well as, how much I am earning their trust (when I thought I wasn’t gaining any).

There is a girl, who is probably the kid I have the best relationship with, who technically isn’t in my class. But ever since we combined classes, I basically consider her my student and she considers me her teacher. Through an incident earlier in the week, it was a cue to me that she is going through a lot in her life that I was somewhat blind to before.

Then on Friday, there was an incident between her and a male student in my class. I sent her to a buddy room just so she could cool off for about 20 minutes. When I went to get her I planned on just letting her sit with me while I graded papers so she could share her heart with me and let me know how I could help her.


I sat there and listened to some of the most horrific, degrading, unfair, sickening stories that I have ever heard in my life that this kid is going through. My heart and mind has never been in such a shock.

And now, because of a series of incidents that had to follow that conversation, I am so scared of what’s going to happen, even though I had to do what I am required to do as a teacher and keep my students safe.

I love my kids so much. I want to protect them. Since 4:00 pm yesterday when my kids, specifically this girl, left school, I have felt so unstable for the sake of them. All I could do and can do is pray.

I’m trying to teach them. I hope they learn. But Friday reminded me, that more than anything my school and my classroom must ALWAYS be a safe place for them. And I have to do WHATEVER it takes to keep it that way.

8 Responses

  1. Taylor B

    You’re an amazing teacher Kayla and stronger than I think you give yourself credit for.

  2. Weekend Education Reads linked to this post.
  3. Kurt (Community Manager)

    Congratulations! Your post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage.

  4. Christian


  5. We are trying to better understand how to make it easier for kids, teachers and the extended school community to be a part of the safety net that is collaborating to make every school a safer place. Please take a look at exam4schools.com. We are actively looking for feedback from people that are in classrooms everyday. What could we add to really make schools safer?

  6. Alne

    Hello I read your post and it was moving. It inspired me to incorporate it into my own blog post. http://blog.bigmarker.com/

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. An Anonymous TFA applicant

    I hope that this message is an encouragement to you that what you are doing will make a life-long impact in these children’s lives. Your service to them and to TFA is inspiring! I hope that you can continue to live your life in Him, rooted and built up in the faith as you were taught. Eyes up! :)

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