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Feb 08 2012


The district (math department) has started figuring themselves out in some serious ways this semester. I spoke a little about this a few posts ago. But for the 5 strands of the MAP they have finally grouped our targets together to help us put them into units. They also are providing pre and post-tests for us. It is providing so much more support in terms of data.

However, we are now teaching under serious time restrictions now. We get 10 days for every unit before the MAP. That is learning on steroids.

This past week we started on our Geometry/Spatial Relations unit. Here’s the thing. I feel like my kids could have some SERIOUS growth on this unit. I don’t feel like it is that complex. And I feel like it is a tangible unit that they can grasp.

But I don’t feel like I have enough time. I’m feeling so anxious every day during math (especially because I only get an hour and a half, and by the time afternoon hits my kids are done mentally). I want to cover it all in one day because I just want them to know it.

I just think they could have some for real growth on this unit. But I just want more time. I want them to see what they are capable of. Ugh. I want more time.

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