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Jan 24 2012

A second wind…with a grain of salt.

Guess what I learned to do at PSAT on Saturday? Saturday as in, January 21, 2012. Saturday as in, week after 3 quarter has started. How to long term plan. No but legitimately. A fellow corps member who somehow figured it out on his own took time to show me. And now everything makes sense, GLE’S, Learning Targets, and Common Core. However, if you couldn’t tell by my opening, I’m a little frustrated. This should have been shown to me during Institute. This kind of stuff is important. The only thing I ever remember about Long Term Planning is that “I had to do it” and “it is critical.” Well you are right about 1/2 of that. It IS critical. And now that I understand it, and I have been able to form units, make plans, align targets, IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

But don’t you remember? You hired me as a person who had no formal education background. Before coming into this field, I had no idea what GLE’s, Common Core, etc were. I had no idea that N.1.A stood for the “Numbers and Operations” strand on the GLE’s. But last Saturday I figured it out.

Now I have been able to long term plan the rest of the year. It’s like the year on steroids. My second wind has come because I finally understand what I’m doing. However, I feel extremely discouraged as well. Now, I truly, with data as proof, know where my kids are at and where they should be. (Seeing types of tests they should be able to take). And now I feel as if there is no time.

I’m a little bitter currently. Thanking the fact that I learned to LTP. And praying for a miracle before MAP.

Come on!!!!

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  1. KCMO Chief

    come on, you loved PSAT with me! :)

  2. Ahh I’m kind of jealous, now you know exactly where your kids are AND you how to LTP now. You’re set to do great things during the second half of the year. They won’t know what hit them!

  3. els

    So jealous! I wish they taught us that too! How do you do it??

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