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Nov 28 2011

I made it to Thanksgiving!

I hear this is the biggest milestone to hit your first year.

“Make it to Thanksgiving and everything gets better after that.”

We’ll see if it holds true.

Over Thanksgiving break I did 3 things. 1.) Eat.  2.) Sleep.  3.) Hung out with friends.   I felt almost TOO lazy. It wasn’t that I was ever ready to go back to work, but I definitely was reminded that sitting around doing nothing is a healthy break, but not a lifestyle I desire.

I’ll be interested to see how the next 19 days go. Man only 19 DAYS (school days that is) before Winter Break.

Current song on my heart is “Beautiful Jesus” – it says “My heart will bring praise to you” I have been wondering if my heart really has been the past few months. If not, I need to get there. I keep thinking about how Jesus died on the cross. He was whipped 39 times with a cat o’nine tails. Is my life, where I have to get my kids in order, deal with disrespect, and feel tired THAT hard compared to what Jesus went through?

I’d say no. So hopefully the front of my mind starts acting on what my heart actually feels.

Hello week 17.

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  1. hill

    Remember, though, that you are allowed to feel tired and discouraged sometimes! This is hard. It’s okay to struggle.

    “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

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